"so who is this Krisiey Salsa, anyway?"


I play many roles in my life.  I'm a wife to my husband, a mom to my three kids, a daughter to my mom and dad, a sister to my brother, a friend to many and of course a photographer.  

Photography has been a passion of mine for years.  It started when my grandfather let me use his 35mm and I quickly became the photographer at all our family events, earning myself the title "paparazzi".  


I like to think that my style has matured and I'm less "up in your face paparazzi" and more "the smooth documentarian".  I love the photojournalistic approach which just means that you get to be you and I get to document it.  Simple.  But, in my opinion it lends itself to natural photographs that will evoke an emotion for you for years to come. 



I love...

a warm hemp latte

snuggling up with my babies

the smell of the ocean breeze

laughing until my belly hurts

a long conversation with a good friend

making someone else's day by doing something thoughtful

a glass of red wine and a date night with my hubby

singing and dancing

learning and growing and challenging myself

being inspired

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